Master the Techniques that Put You Fully in Control of Your Guitar So You Can Play the Music That’s Inside Your Head

Take your technical ability to the next level, and become a natural behind the guitar with this skill building course. With step-by-step expert guidance, you can translate the music in your head into real, playable ideas without any limitations due to poor technique or speed.

30+ Years

experience teaching guitar to players of all levels.

30+ million

views and counting on YouTube

43,000+ students

have fallen back in love with their guitar


guitarists use this exact method to mas-ter freely play the way they want

30+ Years

experience teaching guitar to players of all levels.

30+ million

views and counting on YouTube

43,000+ students

have fallen back in love with their guitar


guitarists use this exact method to mas-ter freely play the way they want

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master the

Take your musicality to the next level, and become a natural behind the guitar with this one powerful formula.

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Structured Lessons

The videos are very simple to follow and carefully planned to ensure you can quickly implement everything you learn.

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Precision Exercises

You will learn how to very quickly develop your technique through very specific exercises that target the right muscles.

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Really Learn The Fretboard

You will learn how to very naturally navigate the full fretboard and focus on the music without getting confused by scales and patterns.

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Hear From

This course has unlocked a whole new world for me. Great course; highly recommend it!

Jim Kleinbard

There's enough here to keep me busy forever, really. And I still haven't gone through all that he has available on that site.

Christophe Stevens

Playing Guitar Should be Fun, Right?

There’s no greater feeling than picking up your guitar, playing a few licks, and losing your-self in the music. Whether you’ve been playing for years, or you’ve only just started on your journey, you want to be able to make your guitar sing, and express yourself musically without anything holding you back.

How it feels when you play is hard to put into words, or describe to other people. Other gui-tarists, though—they get it. You feel that…

It’s a way to make
life make sense.

You might get older, things may change, but the guitar always stays the same—it feels like something that’s built into your DNA. You never feel as relaxed or as natural as when your guitar’s in your hand.

It’s helping you
build confidence.

Even when you’re playing along in your room, it feels good knowing that you’re getting better every time you play. And while you might still be nervous playing in front of an audience, you know you’re able to get up in front of people and still carry a tune.

It’s more than
a hobby.

It’s an escape, a way to free your mind and heart. Whether you’re playing by yourself or jamming with your buddies, it takes you away from your everyday life.

It makes you
feel alive.

You love the way it sounds, the way you can bend notes, and how the music seems to flow through your fingers and out through the amp…

And more than anything, you feel the most yourself when you’re behind those strings. You dream about feeling so confident and carefree behind the guitar, that creating melodic sounds are as natural as breathing!

But There’s Something Standing in Your Way,
and Stopping You From Achieving That Dream

Despite your love for the instrument, something’s missing when you play right now. You feel like you’re practicing the same things over, and over, and over again… but you’re not im-proving. The
same licks, the same scales. You feel stuck.

Wherever you are in your guitar journey, you just can’t seem to progress.
Do you ever feel like...

  • You’ve put a tonne of hours into practice over the years... but you’re still not con-fident playing in front of people?
  • You can’t improve past the late beginner stage… even though you’ve been playing for as long as you can remember?
  • You’re always playing the same tired phrases… and you want to be able to play more exciting music?
  • You can’t seem to play what’s in your head… even though you’re brimming with musical ideas?
  • Your playing is awkward, wooden, and mechanical… and it just isn’t coming naturally to you, like you feel it should?
  • Your playing will never be good enough to show people… and you just want the freedom and confidence to play in front of an audience?
  • You see so many young guitar players on YouTube who seem to have mastered their craft…and you feel like you’re falling behind?
  • You’ve reached a point where you’re bored with your playing…and it’s dampening your passion for guitar altogether?

...playing guitar should be an escape—but you’re not escaping anymore.

If you shouted ‘Yes!’ to any of these statements, then you’re not alone.

I’m David Wallimann...

I’m the Founder of Guitar Playback, and I’ve been teaching guitar for over 30 years. But at one point, I was exactly where you are.

I’ve been there. I know what it’s like to feel like there’s that invisible wall stopping you from improving. You feel like you’ve plateaued, that you’ve stopped progressing, that your guitar skills are getting stale. Your fingers feel wooden, your movements feel clunky, and everything you play is just aver-age—and you can’t work out why.

I was running head-first into these very same roadblocks…

...until I finally decided to fix my technique from the ground up and learn how to fully control the instrument and translate the thoughts in my head without any technical limitations

Sounds impossible, right?

But it’s real, and it works.

I’m Going to Show You
How to Fix Your Technique
Once and For All.

You want playing the guitar to feel like an escape. You want it to feel free. You want to pick up your guitar, play whatever you feel like playing without any limitations and play the way you’ve always wanted to.

It shouldn’t feel frustrating. You want to be able to express yourself through music, and feel like you’re having fun playing the guitar again

And honestly? You just want it to be simple.

Just Imagine It.
The Technical Skills That You Can Use To...

  • Gain confidence in your playing, so you actually see your skills improve—you’ll be ready to play in front of an audience in no time!
  • Unstick your progress and boost your skills, with simple exercises that precisely target the muscles responsible to play better…
  • Translate what’s in your head into your music, and bring all your ideas and phrases to life…
  • Create your own musical lines, and not just replay the same licks you’ve been playing for years...
  • Make the most of all the money and time you’ve spent over the years on courses and lessons...
  • Pick up your guitar and play freely and melodically, no matter who’s around to hear you...

...and most importantly, fall back in love with playing the guitar again.

Play Guitar Like You’ve Always Dreamed...
Welcome to The Elemental Speed Online Course

With 50+ step-by-step video lessons that you can watch on-demand, Elemental Speed is an easy-to-follow online course that teaches you the missing key to help you progress towards being a great musician, fully in control of your instrument.

Through a combination of simple to follow videos, backing tracks, and detailed guitar tabs, you’ll teach yourself the proper techniques to play the music that’s in your head without feeling stuck because your fingers can’t keep up. You’ll be able to stop thinking about your fingers, and start playing that music that’s actually in your head.

This is the exact method I learned that’s made playing guitar feel like second nature, and helped me lay down some of the best solos of my life.

So go and grab your guitar again… are you ready to finally reclaim control?

You Don’t Need to Spend Hours Practicing,
Playing Boring Exercises, or Repeating
The Same Spider Exercise Over And Over …

Elemental Speed works because it teaches you how to drastically improve your technique while refining your musicality. Rather than focusing on repetitive exercises, you’ll instead focus on using your technique to express yourself.

You’ll learn the essential movements you need to work on in order to play any musical idea regardless of speed using the three most important techniques on guitar: alternate picking, economy picking and legato.

The Elemental Speed course teaches you exactly what those movements are and how to properly mix them together to play any musical idea. It works for everyone, because it immerses you into music directly without the need of any theory, scale memorization, or complicated concepts.

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

With the Elemental Speed Program,
You’ll Learn To…

  • Instinctively know how to perfectly play any musical idea you hear in your head
  • Create new interesting lines combining different techniques without feeling like you are playing exercises
  • Play fast without compromising clarity of notes
  • Come up with new ways of navigating the fretboard without feeling that you are held behind by poor finger synchronization
  • Take a musical idea you’ve come up with and expand on it, making new ideas of your own and your own unique sound altogether
  • Gain the same level of confidence a pro guitar player has and feel like you can play with any musician you meet
  • Play freely and easily—and better—on guitar, and feel like you’re gaining that freedom again...

...and, most importantly, how to add that secret spice to your playing that helps you to express yourself through music.

Fall Back in Love With Playing Guitar Again,
and Master the Exercises That
Puts You Fully in Control of Your Instrument

Master the Step-By-Step Technique Building

As you go through the program, you’ll start learning the key movements to unlock your technical ability. Once you’ve learned exactly how the movements work, you’ll then put them all together yourself over backing tracks specifically created for the course.

Access 50+ Structured Video Lessons

Learn at your own pace with 50+ simple-to-follow videos. Ranging from a couple minutes, to never more than 10, these are short, sharp lessons you can implement immediately.

Learn HOW to Play at Any Speed With Total Control

You’ll learn how to quickly develop your skills and effortlessly translate your musical thoughts on the instrument. Think of it as improving your language skills— you know what it should sound like, now you can demonstrate it.

Fully Express Yourself Through Music

You’ll learn how to naturally navigate the full fretboard and focus on the music—without getting tripped over by scales and lack of finger synchronization.

...And Then, Expand the Method Yourself

Music isn’t a mathematical formula. Once you know the rules, it’s up to you to step outside those rules. Once you implement Elemental Speed in your playing, it’s going to open creative doors and opportunities, and you’ll find yourself growing as a player.

Boost Your Learning
With This Bonus Content

But rather than just give you the content and let you loose on the musical world, I want to make sure you can put it into practice. So if you sign up now, you get access to this limited bonus content I talk about all through the course:

Monster Chops

A collection of 30 highly effective alternate picking exercises that help you take the concepts learned in the course much further.


Develop and maintain your economy picking and sweeping technique with 30 highly effective video exercises and backing tracks.


Unpack a suite of different licks that come with video closeups, detailed tabs, and downloadable backing tracks, to help you put your technique in musical lines.

250+ Backing

Over 250 super high-quality original backing tracks, in different styles specifically created to use during your practice. These are the same tracks I personally use when practicing.

The Elemental Speed Program
Gives You the Tools You Need to
Unstick Your Playing and Master Your Guitar

It’s time to start having fun again, free up your fingers, and learn
how to make the music you want to hear.

Here’s what you get:

  • 50+ Step-By-Step Lessons
  • Watch and Learn Any Time, Anywhere
  • Master Hand Positioning with Video Close-Ups
  • 250+ Extra Backing Tracks in Different Styles
  • Fully Transcribed Solos and Backing Tracks
  • Access to Picking Monster Chops and Sweeping Mechanics
  • Bonus Melodic Sequences Pack to Start You on Your Journey
  • Detailed Tabs to Practice as You Go

If you sign up now, you get the full Elemental Speed Course, plus all the limited bonus content (worth $448), for just

was $595


Sign up today to get started today on your melodic journey.

This Isn’t Your Average, Boring
YouTube Course. Here’s How It’s Different...

Short, Easy-to-Follow
Lessons so You
Stay Motivated

I know how it is in the other courses. Long, rambling lessons that you quickly lose interest in. You don’t want that. Elemental Speed is made up of 50+ short, sharp lessons, made to watch, learn, and practice when you’re short on time. You can learn and retain each step, and see a clear progression in your playing.

It’s Simple to Understand,
Using Everyday,
Normal Language

You’re not a music scholar, and honestly, neither am I. I don't use difficult technical jargon or unnecessary language. Instead, you get direct access to someone who gets you. I break the different elements of masterful guitar playing down into concepts that actually make sense to you, at your level of expertise, without making it complicated.

You Learn
to Develop Your
Own Unique Style

Honestly, copying someone else is much easier—but it’s not helping you be creative. With Elemental Speed, you’ll learn to develop your own style and personality, rather than just copying your favourite musicians. This is about being your own creative self. It can be scary… but boy, is it worth it.

It’s For Everyone,
No Matter
Your Experience

Whether you’ve been playing for 30 years, or three months, Elemental Speed teaches you the steps to master your guitar. You’ll learn how to push past those technical blocks, master the full fretboard, and understand the step-by-step method to playing natural, beautiful solos.

Hear From
These Happy

David really does an outstanding job breaking things down in simple terms. I went from playing a basic pentatonic scale with some feel to outstanding more pro-like after 25 years not playing much.

chris orena

So far the course has helped me think differently about basics... from the fret board to how I practice and what I am trying to achieve. Great course!

dan barrett

Speed is for You If...

  • You simply feel stuck in your progression
    You keep practicing. You’ve tried to master the same few licks over and over. You’ve tried everything… but nothing is clicking.
  • You don’t have hours in the day to dedicate
    Honestly, you don’t have as much time to dedicate to practicing guitar as you used to. You just want to sit down and have fun again—but still learn, too.
  • You’ve wasted so much money on bad teachers
    Teachers that push you to learn something that’s out of your reach… and once you learn it, it goes as quickly as it came.
  • You feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information out there
    There’s so much information online, in books, in videos and more. It’s all over the place, disorganized, or takes hours to learn. You just want a clear, step-by-step approach.

...and you just want to feel free again. After all, playing guitar should be an escape. But if you’re not escaping anymore… what’s the point? If you’re ready to fall back in love with guitar, this is for you.

It’s Not Going to be For Everyone.
the Elemental Speed Isn ’t for You If...

  • You’ve never picked up a guitar before
    Elemental Speed is made to help you improve your skills—so you need to know how to play first for it to be valuable to you. It won’t make any sense if you’ve never picked up a guitar before (and I don’t want to waste your time!).
  • You’re looking for help with acoustic guitar
    Sorry to say it, but this course is purely for electric guitar. If you’re after advice for acoustic guitar, I’d be happy to point you in the right direction.
  • You’re happy with your playing
    If you’re completely satisfied with how you’re already playing, then the Elemental Speed program won’t work for you. But that’s awesome news— let’s jam some time.
  • You want to be the best
    Music isn’t a competition: it’s a gift that everyone can enjoy. So if you’re trying to compete with other players and be the best, then this course definitely isn’t for you.

Elemental Speed is all about unsticking whatever’s holding you back, about learning to free up your technique, and gaining the ability to play the sounds that are actually in your head.

meet your guitar coach


I’m David Wallimann.
If I’m not teaching guitar, then I’m probably playing guitar. Or thinking about guitars.

I’m David Wallimann.
If I’m not teaching
guitar, then I’m
probably playing
guitar. Or thinking
about guitars.

I picked up my first guitar at 15 years old—and from that moment I was hooked. Right away, I loved the feeling of picking up the instrument and just… playing.

Obviously, that didn’t come right away. I knew I had to practice. But I wanted it to be effortless. Free. So in my naivety, I took a different route. I started teaching guitar almost straight away. Not because I was any good at it. No— it was because I realized teaching guitar would solidify what I was learning at the time and help me truly understand how to play.

And it worked. Since then, I’ve spent the last 30 years teaching guitar to players all over the world.

I realized that there were more people out there like me. People that, while they enjoyed the theory, just wanted to be able to express what was in their head out into their music. People that wanted to feel free and relaxed every time they picked up the guitar.

Over the past two decades I’ve taught the Melodic Formula to over 5,000 adult guitar players. All of them have dramatically increased their musicality and developed their own musical voice—and you can too.

My goal is to teach you how to break free from old habits... and finally play from the heart.

What people says

David has a great way of teaching that keeps the ‘play’ in playing.

Guitarist, solo artist

Dweezil Zappa

David is a top of the line energetic visionary musician.

Guitarist, Michael Jackson, Jeff Beck

Jennifer Batten

David teaches on a level that most anyone could understand.

Guitarist, solo artist

Derryl Gabel

So Go and Grab Your Guitar,
and Get Ready to Master the Techniques That Put You
Fully in Control of Your Instrument

Elemental Speed Course

It’s time to start your journey to mastering your instrument. Sign up today to get the full Elemental Speed course, plus all the limited bonus content (worth $448), for just

was $595


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