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Best Apps To Learn Guitar And Progress Fast

There are so many apps to learn guitar today that it can be difficult choosing the right ones. Some apps are awesome, but many are completely unnecessary. You will find below the list of the best guitar learning apps I find indispensable. Those are the apps I use every single day to learn guitar and I think you should too!

Best App for Guitar tabs

best app to learn guitar tabs

Guitar Pro is one of the best guitar tablature software out there. With thousands upon thousands of free fully tabbed songs in Guitar Pro format, the app is a must for any serious player. Guitar Pro allows you to write guitar tabs, play them and much much more.
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Best App To Learn Scales

best app to learn guitar scales

Neck Diagram is a software that helps you create awesome looking diagrams. This is what I use in all my lessons when I show a diagram. The app is also awesome for learning your fretboard. It comes with a super powerful scale/arpeggio generator that makes learning the fretboard fun and efficient. I highly recommend it! I actually use this app daily in my music home studio and so should you!

Best app to learn guitar parts

best app to learn guitar songs

Remember the days when you had to manually slow down vinyl records to figure out what was being played? Transcribe can slow down any audio and video file, loop specific segments of a song, remove instruments from a song, and much much more. This software is the absolute best tool if you want to figure out what is really being played.
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Best app to learn guitar Improv

best app to learn guitar improvisation

Wise Guitar is the best app to learn how to improvise on guitar. It’s a truly awesome guitar app! The app allows guitar players to create new chord progressions from a scale and learn how to improvise. It’s super intuitive and fun to use. Interesting fact: Wise Guitar complements Guitar Playback’s free Music theory DNA course. Check it out, it’s free at the moment!



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