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Embark on a journey of active musical growth with personalized instruction, daily workshops, and a supportive community.

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Personalized Instruction

Led by top-notch instructors, we focus on quality, not quantity. Get personalized guidance on what to work on and why for a purpose-driven learning experience.

Proven Effective method

Collective effort accelerates progress, surpassing individual study. The collective energy and guidance create an environment where the journey to mastery is shared, enhancing the learning experience.

Expert Guitar Teachers

Our carefully selected instructors, each with over 20 years of teaching experience, bring unique skills to inspire breakthroughs in your playing, guiding your musical journey with expertise.

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ALL THE COURSES (including future releases)

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Explore hundreds of backing tracks spanning diverse styles, tempos, and keys. From soulful jazz to energetic rock, find your perfect accompaniment to apply what you learn. 


Our custom player reveals backing track chords in real time. Elevate your performance with this intuitive feature, offering a concise and insightful overview of what you are playing over.


Effortlessly loop any section you want to refine, providing a focused and efficient way to enhance your skills. Elevate your musical journey with precision and personalized practice sessions.


Adjust the track’s speed to match your pace—slow down for detailed practice or speed up for a dynamic challenge. Tailor your musical experience effortlessly with this versatile feature.


Not only does it display suggested scales and arpeggios in real-time, but it also empowers you to explore and elevate your improvisational skills. Dive into a world of musical possibilities, where every note becomes an opportunity for expression.

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Individual attention empowers rapid progress.

GUITAR PLAYBACK ACADEMY vs. Individual Courses

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Guitar Playback Academy

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Access all courses and private community

Chord Builder

Chord Builder

Write better songs and play better rhythm by learning how to build any chord on the guitar. The course will work with all musical genres.


Improvisation Mindset

Learn the art of spontaneous musical expression and elevate your performance across various genres


Guitar Practice Maker

Empower your learning journey as you design a personalized practice schedule tailored to your musical goals.


Melodic Formula

Melodic Formula

Learn how to play extremely catchy melodic solos without thinking in terms of licks, scales or theory..

Elemental Speed

Elemental Speed

Play faster, better, cleaner without hours of boring mindless exercises.. No more limitations!


Applied Theory

Applied Theory

Gain practical insights to enhance your musical prowess across diverse genres.


Chord Scales

Unlock a deeper understanding of the guitar neck for more confident and versatile playing.


Ultimate Ear

Ultimate Ear

This course will train your ears and help you instantly recognize intervals, scale, and chords. Specifically created for guitar players!


Picking Monster Chops

Elevate your guitar playing through focused techniques for unparalleled picking proficiency.


Rhythm Painter

Learn to craft compelling and dynamic rhythm sections that captivate listeners across genres.


Sweeping Mechanics

Unlock a unique approach to playing that blends tranquility with precision for a truly distinctive musical experience.


Simply Sweeping

Simply Sweeping

Join instructors David Wallimann and Nick Kellie in this very in depth step-by-step economy picking course!


Play Over Anything

Play Over Anything

This course will teach you how to play and improvise over literally anything! No theory required..


Visual Tracks System

Visual Track

This method will teach you how to play and improvise over modulation. A must for all fusion players!


Get Unstuck Workshops

Access over 3 hours of high quality workshops by instructors David Wallimann, Steve Stine and Sam Bell.

Primal Guitar Experiences

Primal Guitar Experience

This 12 week program transforms your guitar playing by immersion. Learn everything you need about technique, theory and mindset in this one of a kind experience..

Mega Backing Track Pack

Mega Backing Track Pack

Over 250 high quality full length backing tracks with lifetime download rights. These are the same exact backing tracks David uses in his Youtube videos!


Guitar Infusion

Guitar Infusion

Discover the art of fusion playing. Unleash your creativity and elevate your guitar skills to new heights.

Unlimited Access to Future Releases

Student Community

A caring space to exchange and get help

Daily Live Workshops

Elevate your skills with expert guidance and collaborative learning in each session

Feedback Fridays

Monthly one-on-one guidance and personalized feedback to elevate your guitar skills with experts.

GPB Player

Explore limitless creativity with our Custom Backing Track Player (coming early December).

Unlocking Mastery
at Any Age

Whether you’ve played for years or decades, the Academy is designed to accelerate your progress dramatically. Our approach ensures that even long-time players experience substantial growth, proving that it’s never too late to reach new heights in your musical journey.

Join a Musical Community

At Guitar Playback Academy, we focus not just on delivering content but on building a community of passionate players who want to grow together.

Unlike other online guitar educational websites, we prioritize quality over quantity, ensuring every student receives unlimited personalized support from our staff instructors.

The Academy is the equivalent of going to a music school to be part of a community that understands and supports your musical goals.


Unlock Your Full Playing Potential

Join the Guitar Playback Academy for a Journey of Active Musical Growth.

Leave Solo Learning Behind

For too long, you’ve navigated the vast sea of online guitar materials alone, trying to find the right guidance and motivation to grow. 

The Guitar Playback Academy is the solution, offering personalized instruction, daily workshops, and a supportive community. 

Say goodbye to the overwhelming search for content and hello to a collective adventure of shared music, celebrated growth, and motivation.

Guitar Playback Academy
Guitar Playback Academy

Embark on a Collective Musical Journey

Join a Vibrant Community

Your path to musical growth shouldn’t be a solitary one. Guitar Playback Academy is not just about watching tutorials; it’s about actively growing with a community of like-minded players guided by a staff that know you by name.

If you’re an electric guitar player, hungry for musical progress and community connection, this is your invitation to join us.


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Risk-Free Exploration

We stand behind the quality of the Academy. We’re confident that you’ll experience significant growth and enjoyment on your musical journey with us. To underscore this commitment, we offer a risk-free 14-day trial.

Join us today with the peace of mind that you can explore all that Guitar Playback Academy has to offer. If, within the first 14 days, you find that it isn’t the right fit for you, simply cancel, and you won’t be charged. Our goal is your satisfaction and musical success.

Take the first step with confidence. Subscribe today, enjoy our 14-day trial, and embark on a journey of musical growth with the assurance that your satisfaction is our priority.

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Embrace Your Journey with THE Guitar Playback Academy

If you’ve found that your current approach to playing hasn’t quite yielded the results you’ve been craving, you’re not alone. As soon a you join the Guitar Playback Academy, you’re part of a community of passionate musicians, receiving personalized guidance, engaging in daily workshops, and celebrating musical milestones together. No more navigating the vast sea of online materials alone!

The truth is, the journey you’ve been on so far has brought you here, seeking something more. Now is the perfect moment to take that next step. Join the academy now, experience the benefits of personalized instruction, daily workshops, and a community designed to elevate your musical journey.

Your unique musical story is waiting to unfold, and the Guitar Playback Academy is here to help you tell it. Join the Academy today, unlock the potential within, and let your musical adventure begin.