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Enjoy Playing Guitar Again and

Learn How to Express Yourself Through Music.

At Guitar Playback, we teach you how to really express yourself on the guitar, without complicated theory and long, boring tutorials. Learn how to play better solos, improvise smoothly and naturally, and gain the confidence to pick up any guitar and just have fun playing again.

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experience teaching guitar to players of all levels.


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79,000+ STUDENTS

have fallen back
in love with their guitar.



David has a great way of teaching that keeps the 'play' in playing.



Jennifer Batten

David is a top of the line energetic visionary musician.

Guitarist, Michael Jackson, Jeff Beck

Jennifer Batten

Derryl Gabel

David teaches on a level that most anyone could understand.

Guitarist, solo artist

Derryl Gabel

Free Yourself From What’s Holding You Back and Learn How to Fully

Express Yourself on Guitar

Guitar Playback helps you gain the freedom to play guitar easily and naturally, so you can stop feeling trapped in what you’re learning, and enjoy music more. It’s about learning how to master your guitar playing and just having fun again.

Guitar Playback
is perfect for you if:

Ultimately, you want to feel confident to pick up the guitar and express yourself freely. You want playing guitar to be as natural as it feels like it should be.

But Do You Sometimes Feel Like There’s a Disconnect
Between What You Want to Say Musically,
and How You Actually Sound?

It’s as if there’s something blocking your way, leaving you feeling frustrated and directionless—it shouldn’t be this hard to just play the music you love! Have you found yourself facing any of the following challenges in your guitar playing?
If you answered “YES” to any of the above, or if you just want to become a stronger, more masterful guitar player, then Guitar Playback is for you.
Playing guitar isn’t supposed to be work—it’s supposed to be fun! It’s supposed to be an escape. Learn how to make it fun again, so you can express yourself musically,start playing the music that’s in your head, and enjoy music more.

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Learn to Play Guitar
the Way You’ve Always Imagined

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Online Guitar Courses

to Help You Push
Past Your Frustrations
and Master Your Playing

Finally, unstick your guitar playing and rediscover what you loved about the guitar in the first place. Each one of our self-paced courses covers a range of topics to help you master your guitar playing and express yourself musically.
…and teach yourself to play confidently, musically, and naturally.

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Musical Potential

Your Technique

Overcome technical difficulties and learn to master a range of techniques to help you gain the confidence to simply pick up your guitar and play—in any situation.

More Musical

Learn how to take your musicality to the next level. Discover the powerful formula that enables you to truly express yourself on guitar, and translate the notes in your head into real, playable melodies and solos.

Music Theory

Make sense of the theory behind the music you play, so you can make music from the ground up. Understand how it works, how to master scales, and how you can apply this to the music you create.

Better Songs

Learn the building blocks that take you beyond the basic first few chords so you can understand the language of music, and start creating unique, individual music of your own.

Your Practice

Break out of the cycle of not knowing what to play. Make the most of the time you have to practice, and learn a structured process to create a plan that teaches you how to practice.

These Aren’t Your
Average Guitar Courses.
Here’s What Sets
Guitar Playback Apart...

Stay Motivated With Short,
Easy-to-Follow Lessons

You don’t want to get bored. Each course is made up of short, simple lessons that you can watch and rewatch, designed to help you learn when you’re short on time, so you can fit them around your busy life and track your improvement.

Everyday, Normal Language
That’s Simple to Understand

Each course is created with the player in mind—not teachers or instructors. Easy and uncomplicated, you learn concepts broken down into everyday language that makes sense, and designed to be understood by guitar players at every level.

Learn to Develop
Your Own Unique Style

Copying your favourite players is fun—but it doesn’t help you create your own style. Each course teaches you how to develop your own musical style and personality, and you learn to express yourself through the guitar in a way that people will recognise as you.

It’s Not For New Players

If you don’t already know how to play guitar, these courses won’t mean anything to you. It’s all about progressing the skills you already have, and helping you learn how to master methods that will accelerate your playing so that it feels easy, natural—and fun.


Our courses include collaborations
with amazing artists like …

Nick Kellie

Robert Renman

Chris Liepe

Tom Quayle

Jennifer Batten

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YouTube Tutorials

Get fast, easy, quick-hits of music knowledge, with all the tools you need to unstick specific elements of your guitar playing. You’ll find new video lessons added weekly, giving you simple but powerful things that you can implement into your playing immediately.

Get Started for Free with

YouTube Tutorials

Get fast, easy, quick-hits of music knowledge, with all the tools you need to unstick specific elements of your guitar playing. You’ll find new video lessons added weekly, giving you simple but powerful things that you can implement into your playing immediately.



Hi, I’m David…

I’m the Founder of Guitar Playback, and I’ve been teaching guitar for over 30 years. I picked up my first guitar at 15 years old—and from that moment I was hooked. Right away, I loved the feeling of picking up the instrument and just… playing.

Obviously, that didn’t come right away. I knew I had to practice. But I wanted it to be effortless. Free. So in my naivety, I took a different route. I started teaching guitar almost straight away. Not because I was any good at it. No— it was because I realised teaching guitar would solidify what I was learning at the time and help me truly understand how to play.

And it worked. Since then, I’ve spent the last 30 years teaching guitar to players all over the world. I realised that there were more people out there like me—people like you. People who want to be able to express what’s in your head out into your music. Who just plain deserve to feel free and relaxed every time you pick up the guitar.

That’s what Guitar Playback is all about. It’s about learning to have fun again. My goal is to teach you how to break free from old habits… and finally play from the heart.

Are You Ready to

Unlock Your Understanding of Guitar,
and Master Your Playing...

So you can play confidently and naturally, and truly express yourself on guitar?

Discover the courses that teach you the skills to…
Improve your guitar playing…
Unstick what’s holding you back…
And help you fall back in love with playing guitar again.

Take this quiz to uncover exactly what’s holding you back, and receive your FREE customized video that teaches you the exact steps to overcome your obstacle fast.

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